This is a highly entertaining supercut of a film from a couple of decades ago called Moment Of Truth, which explains how people become gay.

SYNOPSIS: Norman is a little kid whose parents get divorced. Two angels with very eighties hair tell the story of how, due to the divorce, Norman’s “darkness grew,” which made him gay. Allen, a “former homosexual,” offers Norman a ride and for some reason, he gets in the car. Allen asks Norman a lot of really weird questions, and then says “here, let me show you something.” He reads him a bunch of Bible verses, which we assume are about how gayness is bad, and then goes home. Then we meet the hilarious demon whose job it is to keep Norman gay. Meanwhile, Allen has called a bunch of his friends so that they can pray Allen’s gay away. While Norman is sleeping, the two good-haired angels come into his room and vanquish Norman’s gay demon, who is also in the room, and everybody lives happily ever after!

It’s silly, yes, but it’s really not that far off from what “pray away the gay” charlatans teach.