stevenaPastor Steven Anderson and his Faithful Word Baptist Church are basically Westboro Baptist without the panache, social skills or drive to succeed. Anderson is an admittedly uneducated man. His wife, who claims she is happy (likely because she doesn’t know any better) seems to essentially be his servant, as she is not allowed to do anything besides that which he deems appropriate, which seems to amount to staying at home with their seven children. In the past, he has stated that feminists really want a man to put them in their place, that he carries his wife around in order to show her that he’s the boss, and that women shouldn’t be able to vote. In short, he is one of the most extreme wingnuts out there. While his influence is minimal, it’s important to take a moment now and then to visit these sort of third string, just-below-Porno-Pete extremists, because as the majority of Americans who support equality becomes a super-majority, our anti-gay Fundamentalists are likely to go further and further in this direction. As it is, the major anti-gay organizations on the SPLC’s hate group list are truly difficult to distinguish from people like Steven Anderson in meaning and intent. The Family Research Council and the American Family Association simply tailor their messages a bit better.

Anderson spent an hour on an Irish radio show and, as Hemant Mehta said, he “found a way to piss off just about everyone.” For the first twenty minutes of this interview on Irish radio, Anderson defends the notion that his wife should not be allowed any sort of autonomy over her own life, because Anderson, you see, is a Big Man, and as such, it is his job to make the rules. A little after the 13:00 mark, he agrees that there are times when he’s probably wrong and his wife is right, but just the same, they do things his way, because The Bible. During this segment he repeatedly asserts that his wife is happy with this arrangement and that they have a wonderful relationship. A caller finally cuts to the chase and asserts that his wife “knows her place.” Anderson agrees with that wholeheartedly and does not understand why the civilized world is appalled.

Because the video is over an hour long, here are the highlights:

At the 18:00 mark, Steven begins his pattern of continually telling everyone how much of a “real man” he is, which is one of his greatest hits. Of course, one could argue that a “real man” probably shouldn’t have a compulsive need to remind everyone every five minutes that he’s a “real man.” He also explains that he’s not some “effeminate man” willing to let his wife boss him around. Also, his wife is not allowed to wear pants.

At the 39:00 mark, Steven explains, essentially, that marital rape doesn’t exist, as according to his interpretation of the Bible, neither husband nor wife should deny the other sex for any reason.

Around forty-five minutes in, things get fun, as a woman calls in with her two teenage daughters listening and proceeds to giggle at the very existence of people like Steven Anderson. The host asks him how he would react if one of his daughters came home in a mini-skirt, and Anderson states flatly that that would not happen. Apparently the control freak has no room for normal teenage rebellion in his conception of reality. He explains that his daughter is not going to be dressed like “some whore,” at which point the female caller, whose teenage daughter is wearing a mini-skirt, chimes in to ask him how dare he come on Irish radio and call her daughter a whore. He also explains that the caller’s other daughter, who is wearing blue jeans, is wearing “men’s clothing.” The “pastor” (again, he is admittedly an uneducated man) then reveals that he is only thirty-one years old. He’s a baby!

And then it is time for the gay comments. What does “Pastor” Steven think about gay marriage? “The Bible teaches that gays should be executed.” He quotes Leviticus and then explains: “I’m not saying that I would ever kill anyone, because I never would, but I believe that the government should use the death penalty on murderers, rapists, homosexuals…” 

And of course, he supports what they’re doing in Uganda, with jail sentences and the like for gay people. “Obviously, I’m not the only one who believes in the Bible,” he says.

At 59:30 or so, “Pastor” Anderson explains that the worldwide recession was caused by Satan, who has an agenda to get women out of the home and into the workplace.

At 1:04:00, the host points out that many things in the Bible have been proven untrue, and Steven’s reaction is simply to say “nuh uh.”

The rest of the interview is a hilarious discussion of Creationism. It does not go well for Mr. Anderson.