In an act of unacceptable violence, two anti-gay street preachers were attacked at Seattle Pride.

Anti-gay street preachers are obnoxious. We all know this. But this is the United States, and street preachers have every right to protest things like gay pride celebrations as long as they don’t incite violence, and to do so without being attacked.

Of course, this story is a bit more complicated than it first appears. The new head of the Log Cabin Republicans, Gregory Angelo, tweeted about the attack and blamed it on liberal “tolerance”:


However, as Joe points out, there is no evidence that this was “liberal” anything, or that these were “gays celebrating pride by beating down street preachers.” Gregory Angelo just made that part up. The man who instigated the attack on the Christian street preacher is married, heterosexual, and a frequent felon. It’s fairly gross to me when gay conservatives are so hellbent on “sticking it to the liberals” that they’ll make such claims without even remotely checking their facts

David Badash gives a few more details on the LCR head’s tirade:

“Numbers show Seattle is overrun w/libs,” Angelo tells McGonnigal, who writes at the Huffington Post and his own site, Talk About Equality. “And def wasn’t LCR – our WA team marched w/GOP supporters who respect freedom of speech.”

Pretty safe to say this new divisive streak of “activism” from the Log Cabin Republicans wouldn’t have happened under their previous leadership. Pity to see they’re following the failed GOProud template.

At a time when the LGBT community has scored many wins and should be coming together to build on the momentum of our successes, petty divisiveness helps no one, and hurts our entire community.

Truth Wins Out condemns any sort of violence, however rare, instigated by gays against anti-gay bigots, whose very words and deeds toward the LGBT community condemn them in the eyes of society. Violence is just not necessary, and the loser who instigated this attack should be ashamed. So should Gregory Angelo. Indeed, the only people who come out looking good in this story are the gay pride attendees who stopped the attack.

Here is raw video of the incident:

And here is a news report on the incident: