greg-quinlan1Greg Quinlan, the disturbed “ex-gay” activist who used to claim he had worked for the Human Rights Campaign, whose super-heterosexual marriage has been relegated to the dustbin of failed, sexless unions, but who wants everyone to know that, back when he was living as a gay man, he wasn’t a “limp-wristed flaming faggot,” went on the radio yesterday with heavy metal preacher Bradlee Dean (the one who laughably tried to sue Rachel Maddow for $50 million for quoting  him verbatim, and who still refuses to pay her legal fees) and Jake McMillian, and HOO BOY, the batshit just started flying!

In this first clip, we learn that Greg is using the devil knowledge he learned from the Human Rights Campaign in order to be an “ex-gay” weirdo. Moreover, the five justices who voted to overturn DOMA are “black-robed Nazis,” and that Elena Kagan, Anthony Kennedy and Barack Obama are all gay. In fact, he says Kennedy and Obama are “on the downlow!” I suppose that Quinlan just can’t wrap his Not-Flaming-Faggoty mind around the fact that the majority of the country supports gay equality and that he, in so many ways, is the oddball here.

Later, Quinlan claimed (click for audio) that gays want to end the Church, because the Constitution is a Calvinist Christian document, so that we can have all kinds of sex with whomever we want to have it with. That’s all fun and games, but it got really good when they started talking about Bradlee’s worst enemy, she who humiliated him and left him with his pants down in the playground by being a mean lesbian who reported his words accurately, Rachel Maddow.

First of all, the Nazis were all butch homosexual men, he explains, because Greg Quinlan is nothing if not gullible in the face of pretend scholarship from people like Scott Lively. More importantly, though, is Rachel Maddow a “butch” or a “femme?” Well, you see, according to Greg, Rachel Maddow is a “butch” who has to pretend to be a “femme,” by putting on lipstick. The dinguses hosting the show are really excited that they get a pass to make fun of a lesbian for a second, because having a gay dude (but NOT A FLAMING FAGGOT) who pretends to not be gay anymore made the jokes first. This is what passes for “funny” in the wingnut world. Finally, McMillian claims that gays want “little boys,” which leads Quinlan to chime in that gays want “little boys AND little girls,” and that’s where the audio cuts out.