Earlier, I posted that wonderful New Yorker cover, with Bert and Ernie watching the Supreme Court rule on marriage equality. Most people have responded well to it on the side of fairness of equality, save for a few people who, as Wonkette stated, I’m quite sure are a lot of fun and with whom it would be just great to go on long road trips.

Oh, but Bryan Fischer doesn’t like it, not one bit. He is in need of smelling salts, due to the fact that they are obviously engaged in a “romantic interlude” (cuddling, like marrieds who like each other). Not only that, they are in the dark, in a “homosexual clinch!” I don’t know what that means, but I’m definitely going to use that phrase the next time I have a chance. Further he states that The New Yorker is promoting “child endangerment” and “child abuse,” though we have no idea what he means by that, and Bryan Fischer isn’t known for even attempting to explain the things that come out of his mouth. Lastly, Bryan Fischer does not know which one is Bert and which one is Ernie, which doesn’t speak well to his personal involvement with any of the children in his family over the last several decades.*

*Bert = yellow, Ernie = orange.

[Right Wing Watch]