pornopeteDan Savage did a live-chat with Wonkette this afternoon, where he answered all their embarrassing questions and whatnot, and the subject of Porno Pete came up. Rebecca (the editrix of Wonkette) asked Dan if Pete is still trying to fight him, and Dan’s response is basically every interaction between Porno Pete and Dan, Wayne and me over the last several years:

Wonkette: Ooooh, he’s fun! Is he still trying to fight you?

Dan Savage: Peter isn’t trying to fight me. What Peter does is hateflirt with me. He hates me soooooo hard. And every morning he rushes to his computer to get on Twitter and tell me just how haaaaaaaaard he haaaaaaates me. I actually enjoy my online interactions with Peter. All of our enemies should be so transparent and ridiculous.

“Hateflirt.” Yep. Head over Wonkette to read all the rest!