Funny Or Die and Brad Pitt teamed up for the trailer for a new film called “World War G.” It’s an action flick, you see, based on the conservative fever dreams of what’s going to happen as a result of marriage equality. Well done!

World War G – watch more funny videos

And of course, they credit Rick Santorum’s Echolight Films at the end. You did know that Rick Santorum is now the CEO of a Christian movie company from Dallas, right? Yes, that happened. Doktor Zoom at Wonkette came up with a few other ideas for titles they could release with the Frothy One at the helm:

A Man and His Dog

Educating Rita Just Makes Her An America-Hating Snob

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington And Makes It A Theocracy Like Our Founders Wanted

The 40 Year Old Virgin Is A Role Model For Us All

Frother of the Bride

AND many more.