We’ve been enjoying poking fun at “Coach” Dave Daubenmire lately. In the past few months alone, he has declared that it’s time for President Obama to come out of the closet; he has interviewed perhaps the most discredited, most fringe “researcher” on the Religious Right, Paul Cameron; he has shrieked and yelled about buttsex, in the context of Jason Collins coming out of the closet; he’s shrieked and yelled about how the Boston bombings are going to usher in martial law; and finally, he’s done more of the shrieking and more of the yelling while interviewing Porno Pete, whose Easter trip to San Francisco, for the purpose of photographing naked men, Dave finds completely normal.

Not one to disappoint us by keeping us waiting, “Coach” Dave is back with a new video, and he wants to know “what happened to manhood?” You see, he watched a Bonanza episode recently, and he and his wife just couldn’t get over how manly they were back in those days. It’s not like now, with that sissified Three Men And A Baby. (Yes, that is his example.) He then starts shrieking, like he so often does, when he talks about how much he doesn’t like those men on television with their “pouffed up hair and their little tight jeans.” I believe that is the point in the video where Dave starts crying. It’s all downhill from there.

This is what he does for a job.