If you haven’t heard of Caiden Cowger yet, he’s a West Virginia teenager who really wants to be Rush Limbaugh for some reason. Here he is declaring that Christian wingnuts are being discriminated against by everyone, and that’s why we need to have a Straight Pride month.

Don’t make fun of him. It’s not nice, because you probably did dumb things when you were a teenager too. Indeed, just last year, Caiden went on the radio demanding that President Obama preserve his special right to bully gay kids. I will only point out that this serves as a nice illustration piece for the post just before this, about that awesome kid Marcel Neergaard, who has perservered from the bullying he endured at the hands of kids indoctrinated into bigotry by their parents. Compare Marcel’s story to the ingrained resentment and bitterness you see above and ask yourself which kid would make you prouder.

[h/t Christian Nightmares/The Caiden Cowger Show]