Noted bisexual Anne Paulk, who, even though her estranged husband has finally come clean about his homosexuality, continues to peddle the discredited lie that sexual orientation is something that can and should be changed. On Joni Lamb’s “Joni Table Talk,” Paulk claims to have completed a “study,” the results of which showed that a whopping 66% of lesbians were sexually abused, and that 90% of lesbians “leaving homosexuality” were abused in one form or another. When you can make up your own “studies,” who needs science?

A truly bizarre moment happens in this next section, when Anne claims that she has been “free from homosexuality” for twenty-seven years. Joni and the other hosts clap for her like she’s a toddler who just successfully used the potty for the first time. “YAY, Anne!” Finally, they ask the viewers to pray for John and Anne’s marriage, as they are going through a “personal struggle,” which, translated from the original wingnut, means that John has liked dudes very much the entire time, and is finally admitting it.

Here is what a real scientists says about the issue:

[Right Wing Watch]