porno_peteI feel like the following quotes from Porno Pete, where he does his best “My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?,” should be accompanied by a slow, sad violin. Or maybe New Orleans jazz. Porno Pete was on VCY’s Crosstalk radio show, and he said this:

LaBarbera: I’ll tell you, I fear for our country, I believe God is giving us over to our sin. It seems that way to me, I don’t have a red phone to the Lord but it just seems that America is on such a precipitous decline, you know God seems to be saying: ‘You want homosexuality? You want abortion? Here, go ahead and have it.’ We’re a free society. The culture war on this issue alone is frightening, how much more resources and money the pro-sin side—which would be the homosexual side, that’s a sin—how much more resources they bring than to the side of righteousness and in a free society the people who bring the most organization, resources, money and people win and that’s what’s happening.

I’m going with New Orleans jazz. That makes it easier for us to dance.

Right Wing Watch points out that elsewhere in the interview, Pete and the host spent some time boo-hooing about “The Gay Manifesto,” a piece from 1987 which is so obviously satire that it actually states, from the outset, that it is satire. Christian Fundamentalists neither create nor understand humor, but this would be like gay activists getting truly upset over the “jokes” that Matt Barber makes in his sad excuse for a column.