I’ve long considered the peculiar obsession many anti-gay and “ex-gay” activists have with homosexuality to be pathological. The flip side of their homo-hatred is richard-cohentheir weird and inaccurate idealization of heterosexuality. It turns out that this particular peccadillo is a listed as a sexual paraphilia — alongside such standards as Emetophilia (attraction to vomit) and Dendrophilia (attraction to trees).

The malady suffered by our foes who worship at the altar of heterosexuality is diagnosed as “Heterophilia.” It is defined as: “Attraction to, fetishization, or sexualized idealization of heterosexuality and/or people who are “straight-acting,” especially by non-heterosexual people.”

This really does help explain why our opponents deride homosexuality and phenomenally exaggerate the joys of heterosexuality. The fact that some of them are self-loathing closet cases (aka “ex-gays”) makes the diagnosis appear very accurate. They hate who they are, so they join religious cults that hyper-focus on gays — while creating an unrealistic and fabricated fantasy vision of heterosexuality.

Richard Cohen’s (pictured) International Healing Foundation, and his deputy Christopher Doyle, appear to be particularly ensnared by Heterophilia. The way they parade their families, as if they are mere props, and their idealization of straight people — while simultaneously demonizing gay life — are symptoms of this disorder.

Instead of engaging in anti-gay advocacy, we suggest these individuals and others seek professional help and healing from qualified counselors (i.e. no one on their Rolodex).