As has been discussed here, the Boy Scouts’ decision to allow openly gay Scouts, but not gay parents or leaders, is a bad decision, with echoes of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. That being said, hate groups and their leaders are losing their minds, because they desperately want to preserve a world where you can discriminate against innocent kids. Joe collected tweets from several of the usual, ridiculous suspects after the decision went down. Enjoy:







Goodness. They are just so upset.

Porno Pete wasn’t satisfied with the simplicity and brevity of a tweet, and followed up with a press release:

May 23, 2013 was a sad day for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), and another tragic day for an America in decline. The Scouts’ corporate-driven leaders in their folly put sexual morality up for a vote, and when it was all over, the Scouts as we once knew them — a God-fearing, wholesome organization — were finished. Now, truly “morally straight” organizations (to quote the Scout Oath) will rise up to compete with the corrupted BSA, and parents by the hundreds of thousands will migrate with their sons to these trustworthy alternatives.

Hundreds of thousands?! Glad to know he’s just as delusional as he was yesterday…

Homosexuality is not the basis for healthy self-identity. “Sexual orientation” is an artificial construct because homosexuality is not “who you are,” it’s what you do.

Not according to educated people who actually study these sorts of things.

 (I should add that most homosexuals come from troubled backgrounds, including: dysfunctional parent-child relationships; lack of a father; divorced households; early sexualization; and sexual predator abuse. But these “causes” — while meriting our pity and understanding — do not condone the behavioral choice of embracing a homosexual lifestyle.)

(I should add that this is complete BS and Porno Pete knows it. I was raised in a nuclear, Christian family; my parents are still together; I wasn’t “sexualized” earlier than any other kid who hit puberty and started having sexual thoughts; and I wasn’t molested. Moreover, the things he mentions are all too common among many kids who grow up to be heterosexual.)

Porno Pete wrote about a thousand more words, but they’re not worth poring over really, as it’s just the whining of a culture warrior whose culture left him behind years ago.

While the Boy Scouts’ decision, as it stands, isn’t good, it must be a step in some direction if it’s eliciting this much bellyaching.