This clip is phenomenal. Pat Robertson is trying to answer a simple question from a wingnut: Why did God send the tornadoes? His answer is so meandering and weird, and though this has nothing to do with gay rights, it’s worth taking a gander now and then at the crazy things our opponents say about other issues, just to show how consistent they are in their wingnuttery.

Why did God send the tornadoes, Pat? Well:

1. God didn’t send tornadoes, God created a world where natural things happen. Warm air runs up against cold air, etc. This is almost sane!

2. It is those people’s fault for building houses where tornadoes happen. Pat Robertson, throwing the majority of Wingnut America under the bus right there.

3. If enough people were praying in Oklahoma, Jesus would have “stilled the storm.”

4. Hurricanes have a scientific purpose! God isn’t punishing people!

5. People are stupid for building homes near oceans. Sorry, East Coast, it’s your fault!

6. People are stupid for building homes near the San Andreas Fault. Sorry, California, it’s your fault!

7. “Don’t blame God for doing somethin’ foolish!”

In short, people should not live anywhere, because if you live somewhere and there’s a natural disaster typical for that region, it’s your fault, not God’s.