brian brownJoe always posts these “Brian Brown Has The Sadz About X” pieces, and really, they stand on their own. Sometimes it’s fun just to quote their whining and smile:

“Minnesota voters should be outraged that they were sold a bill of goods by gay marriage activists last November. Our opponents filled the airwaves and spent millions claiming marriage was under no threat in Minnesota. And yet they lost no time in pushing for the redefinition of marriage as soon as our marriage protection amendment failed, despite new polling that shows a majority of Minnesotans oppose redefining marriage. We have long argued there is a very grave threat to marriage and today we witnessed our predictions sadly confirmed.  The recent actions in Minnesota should serve as a wakeup call to other states that have not yet passed Marriage Protection Amendments: if you do not protect marriage proactively in your constitution, the powerful and wealthy gay marriage lobby will target your state for their next campaign to change your laws. The new legislation in Minnesota will expose pro-marriage Minnesotans to additional legal action and harassment, as we have seen happen time and time again in other states that have redefined marriage.”