pauldaveDiscredited “researcher” Paul Cameron, who has had his credentials revoked by pretty much every major scientific and psychological association,  who has admitted that he has been attracted to men in the past, and who has claimed that, for gays, anal sex is too “entertaining” to give up, is perhaps the biggest joke in the anti-gay movement. He lies without remorse, but the problem is that our opposition is not a moral movement. They believe that their goal of eradicating homosexuality is so noble that they excuse lying, if it furthers their movement. So therefore, though they try to keep him out of the headlines, they still rely on his research.

He still gets airplay from the really low, third-string anti-gay players, though. We’ve been making fun of “Coach” Dave Daubenmire a lot lately, a guy so obviously insecure in his masculinity that he makes Porno Pete and Matt Barber look like…

Well, they still look quite insecure in their masculinity when placed next to Daubenmire, quite frankly, but they sure do make quite a threesome.

Just in the past few days, we’ve witnessed Dave screaming and wailing about buttsex, and screaming and wailing more about how the response to the Boston bombing is going to usher in new period of martial law. This is a guy whose bedsheets are most likely a total loss every time he wakes up in the morning.*

The reason I bring up both Paul Cameron and Dave Daubenmire is that Dave interviewed Paul Cameron! Sad, pathetic misery loves company, I suppose.

In this video, Paul Cameron claims that gays with partners do “nastier” things than gays “when they are just flirting from bathroom to park,” which caused the spread of AIDS. This is funny for two reasons, aside from the fact that it’s easy to verify that it’s complete BS:

1. Bathroom to park? What year is this? Is Paul Cameron a living fossil from the 1970’s? Moreover, is he speaking from experience?

2. In my experience, about the “nastiest” thing married gays do in the bedroom is fart on each other under the covers, just like straight married people. (*ba-dump-bump-CHING!*)


*I stole and modified that joke from Doktor Zoom at Wonkette.