The thing I find striking about this USA Today interview with NOM’s Brian Brown is not that he’s gone full-scale delusional, choosing to ignore the obvious fact that the tide is moving toward equality, and quickly. It’s not that he repeats the sad, pathetic line about how thirty-one states have voted against marriage equality, which conveniently ignores that they haven’t won one of those in quite a while and that states where they won are already in the process of reversing those “wins.” It’s not that he really seems to think a majority of Americans are on his side. No, it’s that when he answers the interviewer’s questions, he doesn’t even seem to be talking to her. It’s like he’s just a weird Catholic robot with rapidly graying hair, regurgitating the same five sentences to anybody who is or isn’t listening. One can almost imagine him in a few years sitting all by himself in his house, saying the same things over and over to his cat, sincerely confused as to why the cat doesn’t seem to be paying any more attention to him than the American public did.

What a sad existence.