The Log Cabin Republicans have this ad in Politico today:




There was a time when I would see statements like this from LCR and feel like they were fighting a useless battle. But things do seem to be changing, even in the GOP. Yesterday in the Rhode Island Senate, all of the “no” votes on marriage equality came from Democrats, and the Republicans supported the bill supported the bill unanimously. Of course, New England Republicans have always been a bit of a different breed from the rest of the party, and the RNC recently voted to double down on the anti-gay platform of their party, so it doesn’t mean a sea change is truly happening yet for the Republicans. But these days, an ad like the one above doesn’t seem so ridiculous, because we’re starting to find out that there are a lot of Republicans who agree with them, and they’re finally mustering up the courage to say so. While I don’t agree with the LCR on many things, on this, they are right. If the GOP ever wants to be a relevant party again, they’ve got to change on LGBT issues. The voters who will set the course of this country over the next several decades are, for the most part, pro-gay, while the Phyllis Schlafly types are, quite literally, on their way out. Whether the GOP will figure that out in the coming years remains to be seen.

[h/t Joe]