magicI know our opponents are freaking out. I know they know on some level that their ideology is as good as dead, and will remain so. But who the hell do they really think they’re converting to their way of thinking when they personally attack someone’s family, and moreover personally attack someone for being what everyone who is normal can see is a loving, supportive parent? Here’s some wingnut named Bill Johnson, from the American Decency Association. Never heard of ’em:

Would you be proud to hear that your loved one had chosen a life that God calls an abomination? Maybe if you yourself had lived a life of reprobation – and yourself had lost the ability to think and act morally any longer. If Magic Johnson says he’s proud of his son for being a homosexual does his statement make it right in your heart and mind? For those who say there is no God, it’s fine to screw around, play around, commit adultery, engage in homosexuality. There is no right or wrong so do what’s right in your own eyes; do what comes “naturally.” And if what you want to do isn’t considered politically correct today, just wait awhile then it will be okay in the near future. Polygamy? Pedophilia? Same-sex marriage? Beastiality?

Seriously. Who do they think this makes sense to? Or are they just content to be trolls, talking to themselves as they slip ‘n’ slide into utter irrelevance?

[h/t Joe]