I’m becoming increasingly uncomfortable sharing locker rooms or bathroom facilities with social conservatives.

Whether it is justifying efforts to keep gay athletes transoff of teams, prohibiting female sportscasters from interviews, or forbidding transgender people from relieving themselves, these weirdos keep eroticizing the can. Are they so sexually dysfunctional and repressed that the moment they enter a locker room or use the facilities it becomes a prurient experience? Why can’t they grow up and use the bathroom in a mature fashion like the rest of us?

For most normal, well-adjusted people who were raised correctly by their parents, the bathroom is simply a place to take care of natural functions, and a locker room is a venue to change clothes. Yet, anytime these arenas are brought up in conjunction with sexual minorities, these odd individuals freak out, as if the presence of anyone but straight heterosexuals ensures that an orgy will spontaneously break out.

The latest example of such tomfoolery is in Massachusetts, where lawmakers are trying to change a wise policy set by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education that expands the 2011 anti-gender identity discrimination law to allow transgender students to use their preferred bathroom or locker room. This is important because an obviously gender variant boy, for example, places himself in physical danger each time he enters a locker room populated by children raised by bigots. Here is a quote from an article in the Lowell Sun.

“An anatomical male in a locker room could make girls feel uncomfortable and vice versa,” said Rep. Colleen Garry, D-Dracut, prior to joining other lawmakers in their meeting with Chester on Friday. “The (2011) bill was not to accommodate locker rooms and bathrooms, but the commissioner took it upon himself to provide guidance to schools,” Garry said.

First, many children feel uncomfortable in a variety of locker room situations. They may have breasts or a penis that is lacking, but we don’t legislate well-hung boys or little Dolly Partons out of the locker room because they make the other kids uncomfortable. In other cases, some kids may have reached puberty while others have not, and some may be viewed as too skinny or too fat. So, given this reality, exactly why would children feel especially uncomfortable dressing in front of trans classmates, unless parents irresponsibly taught them to fear others who are different? Furthermore, the locker room is a public place that lacks privacy, so the idea that trans students are invading privacy is preposterous and irrational on its face.

A few stage-horses, such as Rep. Marc Lombardo, R-Billerica, are trying to politicize this issue at the expense of children:

“It’s time we say enough to this radical social agenda promoted by the administration and use common sense to protect our children.”

The fundamentalist lobby is also pushing this poison pill, with Brian Camenker, executive director of MassResistance, a Waltham-based hate group ignorantly calling gender identity “medical quackery.”  Andrew Beckwith, executive vice president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, added:

“Anatomy is a (clear) distinction, whereas gender identification is fluid and can flow back and forth,” Beckwith said. “The law enacted a broad standard, but the commission took it to the extreme.”

This is absurd fear-mongering by extremists who have no qualms about innocent children being bullied and humiliated in schools. These cowards immorally train their children to pick on others, and then act as if their spiteful spawn are the victims.

For one thing, there aren’t that many out transgender kids for this to be a major concern, like these busybodies are making it out to be. For those who are out, they are just trying to get through school without getting beaten up and mocked. When they are using the facilities, it is simply because they are human and they have to.

Newsflash: transgender kids urinate and also have to put on clothes — and should be able to do so while feeling safe 100% of the time.

Men like Beckwith have no conscience when they bully the most helpless of students. They also display astonishing ignorance and contempt for science when they portray gender as simply what is between a person’s legs. This is 2013, and intelligent, educated people should know better. Public school policy should protect trans children and let science and safety guide their decisions — not intolerant yahoos looking to make headlines.

In the meantime, whiny social conservatives should put their shriveled junk away and learn how to use the john — like the rest of us — without turning it in an X-Rated experience. Their constant harping that their sacred toilets are being invaded is making me uncomfortable dressing around their wandering eyes and depraved minds.