After religion scholar Jeff Sharlet’s research connected the Family (aka the Fellowship) to the Kill-the-Gays bill in Uganda, I began to question why even progressive religious and political leaders would continue to participate in such as partisan event hosted by an organization with clear anti-gay connections.

Furthermore, this event represents one of the most glaring examples of obliterating the first amendment by melding church with state. Media who wish to cover this event RSVP though the White House and invites get issued on Congressional letterhead to support a faith based event sponsored by a Christian organization who does not disclose its finances or donor rolls.

But just as grassroots LGBT advocacy over the Giglio Imbroglio led to his withdrawal and the replacement of an invocation speaker whose views on LGBT rights were more in line with the changing values of American society, could the tides be changing toward this event as well? In an op-ed for The Advocate, Melanie Sloan, the Executive Director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics proclaims, “It’s time for official Washington to stop pretending the National Prayer Breakfast is a rare demonstration of bipartisan religious unity and recognize it for what it is: a marketing event for a shadowy, fundamentalist religious organization that incites discrimination against gays.”

Those connected with this fellowship that preys on LGBT folks can feel free to join Rick Warren and other likeminded souls in preaching anti-gay vitriol from within the confines of their local churches and denominational bodies.

As reported on numerous postings on Truth Wins Out and elsewhere, all signs indicate the White House will move forward as a champion of LGBT equality. Finally, we have hit a juncture in US history where over half of Americans now support marriage equality, as well the rise of a theology in more liberal church traditions that embraces LGBT people in all aspects of church rites including ordination and marriage.

In light of these cultural shifts, now is the time for Americans to kick this Family-friendly event off the national stage. This group birthed in the era of Eisenhower civil religion no longer represents the will of the people. Can I get an Amen?