*In the United States black churches are diverse in character, spanning vast differences among many dimensions including theological tradition, style of worship, music, urban/rural location and socioeconomic status (Ward, 2005).*

The song below, Leviticus Faggot by Me’Shell NdegeOcelo, is one of the most realistic looks at the impact of religious based homophobia in the black church. Religious based homophobia is the use of religious doctrine and teachings to accommodate homophobic and prejudiced behaviors. Religious based homophobia is dangerous because it allows some to blame their internal and socially influenced negative feelings about those in the LGBT community on their religious beliefs and God. They take no responsibility in their behavior and they believe that changing their behavior would be jeopardizing their relationship with God.  This way of thinking is not just exclusive to the African American Christian; some non-African American Christians have the same stance on homosexuality and may show the same homophobic tendencies which include verbal disdain for the homosexual and the support of anti-gay propaganda, organizations and legislations.

However, research shows that African Americans disapprove of homosexuality more strongly than whites, and this disapproval has been linked to historical exploitation and race survival consciousness (during the upcoming weeks we will explore both of these).

For many regular readers of TWO, this may be the first time that you have ever heard the name G. Craige Lewis.  G. Craige Lewis the founder of EX Ministries while unknown in the mainstream has made a name for himself in the Black Christian community (strictly underground) by peddling conspiracy theories, half truths and outright lies in the form of his Truth Behind Hip Hop DVD series.  In a 2005 article in the Dallas Observer, G. Craige bragged that his Truth Behind Hip Hop part 1 and 2 were selling 100 copies a day; he is up to part 8 now.  These videos not only in his words “expose” hip hop, they also “expose” the secrets of the gay agenda and the illuminati.  In the world of G. Craige Lewis, any successful black entertainer, preacher, or athlete has given their soul to the devil and/or the gay agenda and are part of the illuminati, (the secret society set to overtake the world).  In his latest DVD Error of Man which sells for $20, G. Craige Lewis offers, “healing and freedom for those bound by homosexuality”.

G. Craige Lewis has been generally ignored by mainstream media (except for this story from WPTY in Memphis Tennessee in 2010) and yet he has managed to not only make a decent living by selling his videos and speaking across the globe, but he has also managed to gain a cult following with over 8 million views on his EX Ministries page and 33,000 followers on facebook. This weekend while at the barbershop I was exposed to his latest DVD, The Truth Behind Hip Hop 8. His reach and appeal is unreal as his followers cling onto his every word and feed off of his blatant hate. Hate is contagious and does not stay dormant; it spreads and in the case of the religious based homophobia in the teachings of G. Craige Lewis, they add to the pain that many black lgbt people have endured.

Since September 2012 I have been following Lewis on Twitter to track his disregard for; his fellow human, the truth and common decency.  Many of his ramblings can be characterized as; conspiracy theories, homophobic rants against celebrities, heterosexism, transphobia and sexism.

Conspiracy Theories

 Obama with an ascension master. Influenced by effiminant spirit guides (explaining how President Obama won reelection).

Every president inAmericais antichrist. That’s the only way to get votes.

Doesn’t matter. The president has already been selected. Demons chose him, not mortals.

millions of guns, a handful of mass shootings. Why not outlaw liquor to stop drunk driver deaths?

Before the yr ends every1 better buy guns because they won’t be available much longer. Our govt is lying thru their teeth about Sandy Hooks

it is soon coming a time where to call someone a faggot, queer, sodomite (as I call them) will get you arrested

TD Jakes and others

 TD Jakes was talking about how great he (Tyler Perry) was to work with. That TD loves him some broken wrist men!

Plus Jakes and his gay entourage always up in Nick and Sams eating. Probably bcuz it’s named after 2 men. Lol

He (TD Jakes) can’t pray that with those bent wrists he has

These same people go to churches led by homosexuals. Their choirs are led by gays. Tyler P. is their favorite actor. Etc

Why does John Legend sing like he just put a spoonful of grape nuts in his mouth? Lol #effiminate

He (Tyler Perry in the movie Alex Cross) should get an academy award for this. playing a real man. almost believable. Lol

I’d rather have forks jammed in my eyes than watch Tyler P. try to imitate a real man in that movie

What do you expect from a lonely lesbian (Rosanne Barr)? She is just trying to get some attention. Must be a lonely life

Just a couple downlow preachers trippin. Don’t be mad at me cause u can’t stop hiding the secret sausages (his response to me questioning him on his claiming Jesus Christ and yet shows no love for his lgbt brothers and sisters).

You don’t even want a DL brother talking on your timeline. your wife might see it. Lol

Just heard j moss n hezekiah song The Prayers on the radio. I think my stereo is HIV Positive now!!

anyone apart of Jakes man buffet is off my list


 The downlow frat has been exposed. Wives of Kappa’s, check their drawls when they come back from the frat reunion. Skidmarks in the front? *Speaking on Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity*

No strong man allows his son to wear braids, long or short. It’s always an emasculated male with them.

Of all the seats on this plane a gay couple sits nxt to me. Can’t wait to pull out the retina mbp and work on Part 8 while they observe. :)

Just saw a dude with earrings at the top of his ear. Walking with some girl in denial. Lol #RealMenDontWearEarrings

I wouldn’t b under a pastor that supports a homosexuality advocate. That’s a huge contradiction i must protect my family from

I can’t tell u how it braked my heart to see beautiful young girls acting desperately like young thugs. It’s heart breaking. And strong black boys w/ an effiminate spirit all over them. I pray for my children, pray for yours.

The LGBT can deny all they want but that they are the main cause of Aids because of their risky life style. two men and two women should not be lying together. just sick and nasty.

What is the point of having a Black president if he if supports gay sex and abortion, ironically the very thing that is destroying us.

I heard a SODOMITE man get upset at God because he contracted AIDS from some other SODOMITE. He thought because he attends church, pay tithes, sing in the choir, and his Dad is the Pastor that he should be exempt from God’s judgment.

I am especially angry with these gay advocacy groups promoting the destruction of our young people this way.

I know this prophetic word: it is soon coming a time where to call someone a faggot, queer, sodomite (as I call them) will get you arrested. It’s coming a time where the average homosexual will have more rights than a normal human.

Young black boys and some girls embracing the very thing that is destroying our race!

i question any man that wears 2 earrings. The spirit behind that desire troubles me

Raised by women, eating soy, BPA, effeminate role models, etc. *His answer to one of his followers who asked why there are so many black gay men*

well, while everyone is watching the homos, folks are missing the lesbians. *Commenting on lesbian women in Gospel music*

Who let this nasty queer on my timeline? Dude, go bother someone who cares. *His comment towards my questioning him about his hateful words toward the gay community*


These men wants to look and dress like women because of the feminime spirits inside of them. Enough of the talking and cast the foul spirits out.


You were made for a man, so don’t let society or the world change your focus

Feminist spirit is strong in many black women. Because of the lack of male leadership, most black women struggle with God’s plan

Unfortunately, it’s the women that are creating these hybrid men that are overly effeminized

G. Craige’s EX Ministry website claims that, “You will be enlightened, inspired, and strengthened by the powerful words of Eld. Lewis”.

The  truth is that I have been inspired by his words.  I have been inspired to continue to speak out against men like him who use the cover of religion to unleash their insecurities, their isms and self hate onto others.  Let’s put men like G. Craige Lewis out of the hate business.