From Evan at Whiskey Fire:

Back in my days with Truth Wins Out, we liked to kick around this one anti-gay bigot called “Porno Pete” (not his baptismal name), until, as Thers would put it, it sort of became “unsportsmanlike” to mess with him. He, who made a name for himself by photographing fetish sex festivals and posting said pictures on his Jesus blog, who had his last hurrah when he was named as a “hate website” by the SPLC, and has continued to fade into further obscurity…why mess with him? The SPLC could remove him from their list in the same vein that shopping malls don’t tend to list those kiosks that sell cell phone koozies in their directories, but I digress.

Anyway, Porno Pete has a one-man hate group called Americans for Truth, and I am willing to answer one very simple, stupid question he is axing regarding Rick Warren, the mega-church pastor who recently expressed regret for lending his support to California’s Prop 8. Here is what is troubling the Porno Pete guy…

Find out what is bothering poor ole Porno Pete at the other site. And see what Evan has to say about anti-gay pastor Rick Warren.