In a statement issued by Billy Graham’s long-time spokesperson A Larry Ross (whose present and previous client list incidentally represents a veritable who’s who of evangelical power players), the man dubbed as America’s pastor continues in his newfound role as an anti-gay crusader by throwing his support behind Minnesota’s Amendment 1 that defines marriage as being behind a man and a woman.

“For more than 50 years, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was based in Minneapolis and we were blessed by the support of thousands of Minnesotans who helped us spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. As a former resident with strong personal and ministry ties to the North Star State, I pray that the good people of Minnesota will show their support for God’s definition of marriage, between a man and a woman. I wholeheartedly endorse the Marriage Protection Amendment, and urge you to vote Yes to pass Amendment 1.”

David Silverman President of American Atheists noted, when Graham endorsed Romney, he totally abandoned his faith’s primary tenet (there is one god) by endorsing a polytheist instead of a Christian. As I noted in The Washington Post’s “On Faith” column, he’s also abandoned another core belief of his Baptist faith as set forth by Roger Williams, founder of the Baptist Church in America.

No way would the founder of Rhode Island who created the first charter granting religious liberty all align himself with any Christian entity that sought to sit at the right hand of the president of the United States. Rather, he would be appalled at the sight of Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell and other Baptists draping the cross of Christ with the American flag as they advance the notion of American exceptionalism. Instead, Williams would storm the halls of the annual National Prayer Breakfast and turn over the tables – temple style. (See Matthew 21:12-17; Mark 11:15-19; Luke 19:45-48; John 2:13-22).

But instead, Graham seems to be going the way of Minnesota Senator Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) by trying to legislate his version of God into the public sphere. Not only is this move anti-Baptist, but his quest to deny people their basic human right to love strikes me as downright unbiblical as well.