McKrae Game is the former president of the “ex-gay” organization Hope for Wholeness, which was based in Spartanburg, SC. He created a popular conversion curriculum that was used by many “ex-gay” ministries in the now defunct Exodus International, which was once a worldwide umbrella group for “ex-gay” programs. The slogan of Exodus was, “Freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ.” The group collapsed after its members found failure, but never the freedom they were promised.

Today, Game strongly denounces such groups and emphatically says that people can never “pray away the gay.” He adamantly states that such programs are dangerous lies that ruin lives, divide families and promote discrimination. Game’s advice to anyone thinking of trying to change their sexual orientation: “Don’t waste your time and money for something that isn’t possible. Instead, find joy and peace through self-acceptance and coming out of the closet.”

Game joins a growing chorus of former ex-gay leaders who implore LGBT people to love themselves and stay away from psychologically abusive “ex-gay” programs. Learn more about former “ex-gay” leaders and survivors at — the world’s leading resource educating about “ex-gay” programs and conversion therapy.