‘Ex-gay’ therapist allegedly found soliciting ‘hookups’ on gay dating apps
(NBC News)

Gay conversion therapist busted soliciting ‘hookups’ on LGBT dating apps: report
(Raw Story)

‘Gay conversion’ therapist who claims he can ‘cure’ homosexuality admits soliciting hook-ups with men under the pseudonym ‘hotnhairy’
(Daily Mail UK and the New Zealand Herald)

“Ex-Gay” Therapist Caught Looking for Gay Sex on Hookup Apps

Speaking of Bears
(San Francisco Bay Times)

Notorious Ex-Gay Therapist Outed As “Hotnhairy72”

‘Ex-Gay’ Therapist Norman Goldwasser Caught Looking For Sex With Gay Men
(On Top Magazine)

Conversion Therapy Proponent Caught Trolling for Gay Men on Manhunt
(Advocate Magazine)

Therapist Practices ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy By Day, Trolls For Gay Sex On Dating Apps At Night
(Instinct Magazine)

Notorious ‘Gay Conversion’ Therapist Outed as ‘HotnHairy72’ on ‘Manhunt’ and ‘Bear Nation’

This ‘ex-gay’ therapist was found on Manhunt & BearNation cruising for gay hookups
(LGBTQ Nation)

Screenshots reveal prominent ex-gay therapist is also Manhunt’s ‘Hotnhairy72’

Gay cure therapist trawled for gay sex online on as ‘Hotnhairy72’
(Pink News)

Hypocritical Conversion Therapist Found With Gay Hook-Up Site Profiles
(GCN, Ireland)

Terapeuta da ‘cura gay’ participou de grupo de encontro LGBT
(Nossa Politica)

Terapeuta que chamava de ‘doença’ e defendia ‘cura gay’ é flagrado em aplicativo de encontros LGBT

Cachan a terapeuta ‘exgay’ buscando encuentros sexuales con hombres

Terapeuta que defendia ‘cura gay’ é flagrado em aplicativo de encontros LGBT

The hot sex partner is looking for a sex partner for the relocating therapist
(Humen Online, Hungary)

Dr. Norman Goldwasser – The Conversion Therapy Advocate, From Failed Messiah to Today (Lost Messiah)

Gay Conversion Therapist ‘Caught Cruising For Gay Hookups As Hotnhairy72’
(Q-News Magazine)

‘Gay Conversion’ Therapist Outed As A Gay Man Who Essentially Tricked His Patients
(Chicks On The Right)

Descubren a un “terapeuta ex-gay”, judío ortodoxo, buscando contactos en Manhunt
(Christianos Gays)

“Ex-Gay” Therapist Who Pushes Conversion Therapy Found on Gay Dating App
(Friendly Atheist)

‘Ex-gay conversion therapist’ allegedly found soliciting hookup on gay apps
(Gay Star News)

Psychologist who promotes ‘ex-gay therapy’ found looking for hookups on gay dating app
(Dead State)

Terapeuta que “curaba” la homosexualidad usaba aplicaciones para conocer hombres gay

Homoconversie therapeut zit zelf op gay-datingapps

Terapeuta que defendia “cura gay” tem perfil em aplicativo de pegação gay exposto na internet

“Ex-gay” therapist allegedly found looking for sex on Manhunt and Gay Bear Nation

Prometía “curar” la homosexualidad y buscaba a sus “víctimas” en una app gay
(Channel 13 San Juan)

Dorobił się na leczeniu homoseksualizmu. Sam umawiał się z mężczyznami przez Internet
(Najwyzscy, Poland)