Wayne Besen interviews Steve Deline of The Leadership LAB at the LA LGBT Center. His lab pioneers ways to talk to voters to undermine and reduce prejudice.

The Los Angeles LGBT Center is one of the leading organizations advancing civil rights and freedoms for LGBT people. By mentoring and developing a new generation of leaders, domestically and internationally, they are strengthening the global LGBT movement while we educate the public about LGBT issues, mobilize constituents, advance policy initiatives, and work with political leaders throughout the U.S. to promote equality and justice for LGBT people.

In schools throughout the country the LA Center is leading efforts to help end anti-LGBT bigotry and even the thought of suicide among LGBT students. They are also working to revolutionize the care and treatment of LGBT foster youth.

Throughout California they train social service providers, caregivers for seniors, government agencies, law enforcement officials, and others to help them better serve the diverse LGBT community.