CHICAGO – The Wayne Besen Show will debut today (Mon. July 20) on Chicago’s Progressive Talk radio, WCPT, and air 2-5 PM CT. At 7:30AM CT, Besen will discuss his format on the nationally syndicated program The Bill Press Show.

The new daily program will air on WCPT AM 820 and WCPT FM 92.5. It replaces Jeff Santos, a nationally syndicated talk show. The Wayne Besen Show can also be heard live at

Don’t be shy! Call into the show at 773-763-9278 and let your voice be heard. And, please don’t forget to “Like” our new Facebook page,

The show’s first guest will be James W. Loewen, the author of “Lies My Teacher Told Me” and “The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader.” He will discuss how Confederate sympathizers have infiltrated our school textbooks to distort history. Nationally syndicated talk show host Norman Goldman will also make an appearance.

For the past year, Besen has been hosting “I’ve Got Issues”, 4-6 pm Saturdays on WCPT. Besen co-hosted WCPT’s 2014 Election special with Dick Kay. He has filled in locally for The Stephanie Miller Show and nationally The Norman Goldman Show, as well as made numerous appearances on “Out Chicago,” WCPT’s LGBT-themed program.

Wayne Besen is the Founding Executive Director of Truth Wins Out, a non-profit organization that battles for LGBT equality ( He is the founder of the Center Against Religious Extremism (, an opposition research group that monitors the Religious Right at home and abroad.