ttechA new poll from Texas Tech shows that, for the first time, more Texans support marriage equality than are against it, but just barely:

“Texas remains a conservative state, and the overwhelming majority of citizens consider themselves Republicans,” said Mark McKenzie, associate professor of political science who instructs the class that did the survey. “For Democrats to stand a chance of carrying Texas, they either must convince Texans to switch their party loyalties or capture all independent and Democratic voters. There is absolutely no room for error on the part of the Democrats.”

On the other hand, McKenzie said, even though Texas remains a conservative state, attitudes about gay marriage have changed in Texas during the last year.

“In the past, support for gay marriage in this state was below 40 percent,” he said. “Now, were closely divided on the issue. 48 percent of Texans think gay marriage should be recognized whereas 47 percent are against. Democrats and Independents strongly support gay marriage, while Republicans are strongly opposed to it.”

The rest of the nation reached the tipping point on this issue several years back, and these days, support for marriage equality is very much the mainstream position. Now, over the next few years, we’ll watch as traditionally conservative strongholds move toward support for full equality. It’s already happening, and it’s likely the primary reason our opponents seem to be becoming much more unhinged in their statements and actions these days. They know they’ve lost many of those they used to assume were allies.

[h/t Joe]