(Stephen Chernin / Getty Images)

(Stephen Chernin / Getty Images)

Franklin Graham has been taking every opportunity to let people know that he’s very, very different from his father. Speaking to ABC’s Martha Raddatz on This Week, he continued that trend, saying that he believes that Vladimir Putin is doing what’s “right for Russia,” as opposed to the American president:

Franklin Graham defended Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to sign into a law a ban on so-called gay propaganda to children during an interview that aired on Sunday.

“I think Putin is going to do what’s right for Russia,” he told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz during an interview that aired on “This Week.” “Not what’s right for America, but for Russia. We used to have a president in this country that did what’s right for this country. But we don’t seem to have that right now.”

Graham – whose father is Rev. Billy Graham – told Raddatz during the interview that he feels gays and lesbians can “recruit.”

“Putin is going to make these decisions that he thinks is best for the Russian people,” said Graham. “He thinks taking advantage of children, exploiting children is wrong for any group. And they have passed a law.”

It’s very interesting, now that they’ve lost the culture wars at home, watching far right American evangelical leaders reveal where their true loyalties lie.