ill2Lest anyone prematurely believe that the “ex-gay” industry has been vanquished, remember that we have quite a ways to go to protect minors from being scarred for life by the practice. A bill to ban “ex-gay” or “reparative” therapy for minors in Illinois has failed in a 44-51 vote:

Illinois lawmakers voted down a bill banning so-called conversion therapy aimed at changing the sexual orientation of gay young people.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports the measure sponsored by Chicago Democratic Rep. Kelly Cassidy was defeated Thursday in the Illinois House on a 44-51 vote. Twenty-two members didn’t vote.

The measure would have prohibited mental health providers from providing the therapy to anyone under age 18.

California and New Jersey are the only states so far to successfully protect their kids from quack doctors who value ideology over science or well-being. There is a long road yet to be traveled.