I appeared on The Norman Goldman Show to discuss my upcoming show, Wayne Besen’s “Ive Got Issues,” which will debut on WCPT, Chicago’s Progressive Talk on April 19, 4-6PM [CT]. The appearance was be live at the WCPT studios. Check out Norman Goldman’s site.

According to the show:

Today, we look at the latest Republican to violate ‘family values’ and he is doing a typical Republican trick – go on the offensive – to try to distract from his own, shall we say, ‘indiscretions’? We look at the health insurance market; the status of equality for our gay brothers and sisters; equal pay for women and so much more!

This sounds right up our ally at Truth Wins Out, where exposing hypocrites is our favorite pastime.

In case you missed it I also appeared this week FOX radio’s John Gibson Show to discuss Brendan Eich stepping down as Mozilla’s CEO. You can listen to the interview HERE. Additionally, I was on the Steve Malzberg Show to discuss the same topic.

“The software developers didn’t want to develop software for this guy, the employees were uncomfortable working with someone who held such backward views, and there were companies such as OkCupid that didn’t want their product accessed by Firefox,” Besen told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“The market spoke up, and it just wasn’t a good fit. They saw this man as the face of a company, not just an ordinary employee, and they didn’t like the face they saw.”

More on “Ive Got Issues” at The Windy City Times and Robert Feder’s media website.