missalIn news that is alarming but, frankly, not surprising, both Alabama and Mississippi still teach that gay sex is illegal, even though it isn’t (regardless of what antiquated laws still fester on their books), if they teach sex ed at all:

Mississippi’s sex-ed curriculum is not notable for its progressive nature. But one thing you can’t say about the Magnolia State is that it follows the advice of some conservative parents who want schools to totally ignore homosexuality. In fact, state law mandates that the subject be discussed, at least briefly: Students are to be told that homosexual activity is illegal.

Mississippi, whose governor just signed a noxious anti-gay bill, is not the only state with such a clause in its sex ed curriculum. Neighboring Alabama requires that instructors teach that “homosexuality is not a lifestyle acceptable to the general public and that homosexual conduct is a criminal offense.” In fact, the Supreme Court rendered all state laws against gay sex unenforceable in 2003, when it struck down an anti-sodomy law in Texas.

The article points out that the states teach abstinence education, which every credible study has shown doesn’t work, and that some districts opt to also teach kids about birth control and STDs, whereas other districts ignore it altogether. It also notes that, disturbingly, the Mississippi curriculum was established in 2012. This is clearly a case of adults choosing not to educate children, but rather to indoctrinate them based on what they wish the world was like, rather than how it actually is. With adults like that in charge, Mississippi and Alabama are sure to continue competing for 49th and 50th place in most areas for the foreseeable future.

[h/t Joe]