As you may know, Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich stepped down after intense criticism because of a $1,000 donation he gave in support of Proposition 8, as well as his support for racist and anti-Semitic Antoniocandidate Pat Buchanan. Tonight, I will appear on Al Jazeera’s “Consider This” with Antonio Mora (pictured) to discuss the kerfuffle. I’d love to hear your opinions on the situation.

Meanwhile, the National Organization for Marriage said in a statement that Eich’s exit on Thursday resulted from a “McCarthy-esque witch hunt.”

“When Brendon Eich made his modest contribution to support Proposition 8, Barack Obama was on the ballot as a candidate who said he believed marriage was the union of one man and one woman,” NOM president Brian Brown said. “Now Eich has been the target of a vicious character attack by gay activists who have forced him out of the company he has helped lead for years.”

However one feels about this topic, Brian Brown is the last person who show open his mouth. He is a major supporter of fascism, with his trips to Russia designed to strip LGBT people of their dignity — not to mention their freedom of speech and freedom of association. Brown only cares about equal rights and free speech  if it applies to people who share his backward beliefs. So, his whining is disingenuous and hypocritical. His forays to Mother Russia permanently knocked him off his moral high horse and showed his taste for totalitarianism and police state governments.