honeymaidloveSeveral weeks ago, Honey Maid launched a campaign called “Wholesome,” focusing on the beauty and love in all families, and their first ad prominently featured a gay couple with kids. The usual suspects lost their minds over the suggestion that gay people and our families are valid and beautiful. Porno Pete whined that the “pro-LGBT lobby is even redefining ‘wholesome.'” The American Decency Association said something about Satan working through graham crackers.

Well, Honey Maid heard the haters, and they decided to respond, by creating something beautiful out of the hate. If the usual suspects were pissed before, this will send them through the roof. Stop what you are doing and watch this, as it is probably the strongest, most incredible response I’ve ever seen from a corporation:

This should serve as a message to Porno Pete, the “One Million” Moms, and all the others:  Honey Maid received ten times more notes of support than the hate messages they got from your cohort. Your hate is no longer socially acceptable. Their message to you is that you can boycott and scream all you want. They’re going with love.