fischerToday we have yet another example of a fringe wingnut who simply isn’t content to allow people to live their lives in peace, who feels that the state should regulate people by his personal moral precepts. Bryan Fischer says he would support fifteen year jail sentences for people who commit adultery:

While reading from a Washington Times article about the effort to crackdown on sexual offenders in the military, Fischer made an aside to note that soldiers who engage in adultery while in the service can face up to fifteen years in prison and announced this is a policy that he supports in general.

“I will be honest with you,” he said. “I’m absolutely fine with a fifteen year incarceration for the crime of adultery. It is a crime! It destroys people’s lives. It destroys families. It breaks up civilizations. You wanna lock ’em up for fifteen years, I have zero problem with that whatsoever”

Adultery does often hurt people. It’s also none of Bryan Fischer’s business unless he or his wife is the one committing it. Always remember that anti-gay activists don’t just want to control gay people’s sex lives. They want to control everyone’s sex lives.

Also, do remember that these are the same clowns who scream about “small government” in every other area. As long as they can regulate what goes on in your bedroom, they’re cool.