The other day, I noted that Bryan Fischer and Porno Pete were having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day over the fact that Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy announced that he and his corporation were pulling out of the fight against marriage equality. Today it’s Scott Lively’s turn, and his reaction is even more ridiculous than Bryan’s or Pete’s.


Like I said, even more ridiculous.

That headline is not true. Dan Cathy of Chick Fil A has not (to my knowledge) taken the Mark of the Beast.

Oh. Never mind then.

Yet he has done something that suggests he might be willing to take it if faced with that choice, in the same way that answering a poll is an indication of how a person will vote in an election.

He decided that his chicken joint would be better served if it wasn’t known as a symbol of anti-gay hatred. This means he might take the “mark of the beast” when all that Antichrist stuff happens.

Nobody knows better than I do the price that one pays for standing up to the LGBT bullies. They are not only vindictive and relentless, they are also very creative in their methods of harassment. And there is an entire army of them ready to pounce on anyone who crosses them. I am absolutely certain that they tried their best to make Dan Cathy’s life a constant, living hell since 2012.

From what I understand, Cathy’s decision came after a long process that partially involved meeting and getting to know a wonderful gay activist, Shane Windmeyer, who helped him see the human side of the issue. I’m pretty sure that Cathy wasn’t “bullied,” but rather that Scott Lively is very upset that he’s being held responsible for his own actions in Uganda and is currently on trial for crimes against humanity. It turns out that inciting hatred against gay people internationally has consequences. This is poor Scott’s definition of “bullying.”

Just think of the nastiness of high-profile elections in the final weeks of a campaign when the mudslinging is the fiercest and the dirty tricks are the most cruel and invasive. Now multiply that by ten, take away the throngs of energized supporters rallying behind the candidate being attacked (so he has to face it alone), and stretch it out over months or even years. Throw in a few honey-tongued “hostage negotiators” pretending friendliness and concern (in this case Shane Windmeyer of “Campus Pride”), promising that all the pain will go away if you just compromise the truth. If you can imagine that you can get a glimpse of what it’s like to be targeted by the “gays.” The greater your threat to their agenda, the worse it gets.

Remember that Scott Lively is dead serious, and that he’s writing about the CEO of a fast food establishment.

True, defending the plain truth that God limits sexuality to the confines of authentic marriage, and specially condemns homosexuality from Genesis to Revelation, is not the same as defending the deity of Christ and your allegiance to Him. One’s salvation does not hinge upon the perfection of one’s doctrine. But it is still very important to God.

Hating gays isn’t the most important thing. Just the second most important thing.

I am convinced that God is using the homosexual issue as a test of believers all over the world. It’s like the “stress test” the central bankers are using to forecast which banks would fail in the event of an economic collapse. Except in this case God is testing us for what we will do in the coming moral and spiritual collapse. The Bible hasn’t changed, only the culture has changed, and believers are being “stress tested” to see whether they stand with Him or with the world on the things He says are true but which the world is pressing very hard to declare false.

God’s test for the world is whether are not they’re willing to sport a “God hates fags” sign, apparently.

Click over to read the whole piece, which is published at Matt Barber’s new BarbWire site, where Matt seems to be gathering only the most fringe, crazed, hateful writers in order that the internet may have something new to mock.

In my mind’s eye I used to see the Mark of the Beast as a black dot on the back of the hand. Now it looks more like a Chik Fil A sandwich. I’ll never buy another one, and I hope you won’t either.

Whatever gets page views, Matt…