(REX / Asifa Lahore)

(REX / Asifa Lahore)

A religious extremist is a religious extremist is a religious extremist. Here is the story of Dr. Mohammad Naseem, chairman of a Birmingham mosque, and what he thinks about homosexuality:

The chairman of a mosque at the centre of a BBC censorship row over the issue of being both Muslim and gay has compared homosexuality to being “a compulsive murderer, gambler, or paedophile”.

Free Speech, the BBC 3 debate show, deliberately dropped the question “When will it be right to be Muslim and gay?” on its March 12 episode at the request of the Birmingham Central Mosque where it was being filmed.

The live programme, which featured a panel including government minister and Lib Dem peer Susan Kramer, broadcast a pre-recorded question by Asifa Lahore, who bills himself as Britain’s “first and only gay Muslim drag queen”.

However, the host Rick Edwards, interrupted before any of the panel or studio audience had a chance to answer, saying the question had been dropped in response to the concerns of the mosque.


He wrote: “There are people with homosexual tendency in Muslim countries but they respect the law and control their desire as others do.

“Human beings do have weaknesses and tendencies which are not socially acceptable and so they try to have a control over them and do not give in.

“A compulsive murderer, gambler, paedophile etc. could present the same logic and ask for accommodation by the society. Are we going to accept on the basis of freedom of action?”

Dr Naseem said Lahore “does not know his religion and has not got much links with it”.

And now, for comparison’s sake, let’s listen to Mississippi Baptist televangelist Phil Kidd, explaining that he doesn’t like to fly because he doesn’t want some “pedophile faggot” from the TSA looking at him in his panties. He also explains that he tells Muslims on planes that if they’re going to the bathroom, he’s going with them, and other horribly bigoted things: