riosSandy Rios of the American Family Association hate group is apparently delusional, as she is claiming that gays and “trannies” are “disordered” and can’t provide a strong defense for our nation in the military. Apparently she’s blissfully ignorant of the fact that gay and transgender people have been serving heroically since the founding of this country in order that Sandy has the freedom to remain blissfully ignorant:

Have we been so lulled into silliness and foolishness that we think that transgendered soldiers who are confused about their sexuality who want to undergo gender reassignment, homosexual soldiers who are constantly thinking about their sexuality — and I say that with authority, having interviewed so many ex-gays and talked about this for years, there is an obsession — their identity, they think, is their sexuality.

How many of you who are heterosexual would first of all say to someone in describing yourself, ‘I’m heterosexual, I have sex with the opposite sex’? You have much more of an identity than that, don’t you? Well for homosexuals, they claim that as an identity, it’s all about sex, so that is a disorder in itself. You can write me, I realize that’s angering words but that is a disorder because that’s not who you are, you are much more than that. It is a disorder, it is disordered thinking and if we think that soldiers that are obsessed with these issues are going to provide strong defense for our nation, I think we are foolishly denying whatever is true.

A couple of things here. Yes, our identity is much more than the fact that we are gay or transgender. It’s just that it’s an integral part of who we are just like, yes, a person’s heterosexuality is an integral part of who they are. Sandy just doesn’t like gay and transgender people, and she doesn’t want to have to face the reality that we exist. As to thinking about sex all the time, is Sandy under the, again, blissfully ignorant illusion that straight male troops don’t think about sex all the time? You see, humans are sexual beings, and there are people everywhere on the spectrum who think about sex constantly. Likewise, it’s not as high of a priority for some people, gay or straight. But all of that is irrelevant, because Sandy’s idea that LGBT people can’t be effective in the military is disproven, again, by the many heroic LGBT people who have already fought for her right to spew hate on the air.

And here’s where she drops the word “trannies,” lamenting that former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders is advocating for the inclusion of openly transgender people in the military:

This is why groups like the American Family Association are rightly called hate groups.