Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy announced that he’s pulling out of the fight against marriage equality, a wise business decision. Porno Pete and Bryan Fischer feel very, very betrayed, because they went to Chick-Fil-A and ate so many sandwiches in the name of hating gays, and now they just don’t know how to feel. Porno Pete also alleges that gay activists play “hardball” whereas anti-gay wingnuts play “teeball,” which is not how it feels to LGBT kids bludgeoned by their hateful beliefs.

In other Bryan Fischer news, demons in your brain make you gay. I hate it when that happens:

And in other Porno Pete news, he went on the Janet Mefferd program and praised Uganda and Jamaica for criminalizing their gay citizens’ lives, while bemoaning the fact that the United States has become a “decadent” society:

During the same program, Janet Mefferd got ever so pissed off that Secretary of State John Kerry is working to encourage nations like Uganda to repeal laws that give life sentences in prison to gays, scoffing that that’s just not an important priority. Why would we want to help gay people?

This morning, in our press release noting the death of Fred Phelps, I said this:

Fred Phelps’ slogan continues to be the primary message of groups like the American Family Association, Family Research Council and lesser entities like Americans For Truth and Mission America, distilled into its simplest form. Indeed, Phelps’ fundamental honesty exposed the true face of anti-gay hatred in America.

And I meant it.