rafaelTed Cruz’s father Rafael has been back at it, telling the National Religious Broadcasters convention that sexual orientation is a “choice,” and defending “ex-gay” therapy for people who make such choices:

Ted Cruz’s dad and top political surrogate Rafael Cruz recently addressed the National Religious Broadcasters convention, where he took part in a February 25 panel discussion with Religious Right activists Jay Sekulow, Todd Starnes and Craig and Janet Parshall.

During the discussion, Cruz defended businesses engaging in anti-gay discrimination and harmful and discredited forms of ex-gay “therapy” for minors which were recently restricted in California and New Jersey. New Jersey’s law was signed by Republican Gov. Chris Christie, a possible 2016 presidential rival to the younger Cruz.

“Sexual orientation is a choice, it’s not a civil right,” Cruz said while discussing cases of anti-gay discrimination in business. “The left is trying to redefine the issue as a civil right, not as a personal choice. They have gone to the extent to even try to make it illegal for counselors to administer to these people that have certain sexual tendencies to try to work with them from the Christian, biblical standpoint.”

The elder Cruz believes (of course) that gay rights are “part of a Communist plot and lead to child abuse.”

Anti-gay conservatives swoon when they see Ted Cruz, but the good news is that this sort of bigotry will never be successful in a general presidential election again.