fischerlivelyScott Lively, the hate group leader who is currently on trial for crimes against humanity for inciting anti-gay hatred in Uganda, is also running an already failed campaign to be the governor of Massachusetts. In the following clip, he says he should be governor because Massachusetts is the most “morally corrupt” state. Massachusetts, of course, is doing just fine without Scott Lively, and ranks highly by pretty much every indicator.

Fischer notes that Lively’s campaign website features a rainbow front and center, and goes on to bemoan that gay activists have stolen the rainbow. We were unaware that Bryan Fischer was the original owner of the rainbow, but he nonetheless says he wants it back.

Lively also asserts that Americans are “at the breaking point” and “on the verge of a revolution” over the “gay agenda.” This is interesting, because wingnuts have been saying this more and more frequently lately, and it’s a sign that they’ve truly jumped the shark when it comes to their mental health. Americans are becoming overwhelmingly supportive of equality, and there no signs of our growing support slowing down. But yet, wingnuts keep imagining that somehow, “Americans” are just fed up with it. Either they only consider their shrinking, dying off cohort of like-minded people to be true Americans, or they’re fully delusional.

[h/t Joe]