The laughably pompous figure known as Dr. Michael Brown is trumpeting the fact that he recently traveled to Peru to address their congress and pass out copies of his book, A Queer Thing Happened To America



As Jeremy explains, this is a chilling trend, and I have a feeling they’ve only just begun. In the United States,  anti-gay activists have lost, and lost hard. They’re wounded, but they’re more determined than ever to create populations where anti-LGBT bigotry and marginalization is the norm. They believe that if they can only prey upon other nations, then one day the pro-gay West will be “surrounded” and they’ll have an opportunity to turn back the tide here. Jeremy goes on to explain just how out of step with America they are:

Perhaps these exporters of animus get a free trip and a little feeling of importance out of these gigs.  But in booking these trips, they are selling out their country and the majority of citizens who support equality for LGBT people, quite literally portraying America as some sort of fallen embarassment for which we should apologize. They also have been inciting harsh violence against the existing LGBT population.

Indeed they have, but they claim that the violence simply isn’t happening and that the blood isn’t squarely on their hands. It’s sickening, but then again, that’s our opposition.