klingenThough I have never heard one LGBT person say that they wished they had stayed in the closet, Religious Right wingnuts think our lives would be better if we just stayed in there. It’s of course preposterous and funny to think that somebody like disgraced liar and former Naval chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt would be in a position to tell someone else how to improve his or her life. Commenting on Michael Sam’s coming out, Klingenschmitt declared that it’s a “tragedy” any time somebody comes out of the closet. For bonus wingnuttery, Michael Brown, the world’s most inappropriately self-aggrandizing wingnut, is interviewed in this clip:

Brown said that Sam was being selfish by coming out because he was putting himself ahead of the good of any team that drafts him by forcing the team to have to deal with his sexuality. Brown went on to lament that our culture has reached a point where it celebrates “when a man says that I am attracted to other men,” at which point Klingenschmitt joined in to declare that “it’s a tragedy every time somebody comes out of the closet.”

Aw, boo-hoo. The educated world has left you behind, boys.

If you’re not familiar with Klingenschmitt, enjoy some of his other greatest hits, like when he said that gays are going to hell and therefore don’t deserve equal rights on Earth; that gays are working with the devil; that Obama is forcing transgender people on the military through new Marines hats that don’t exist; that gays are going to invade people’s homes for the purposes of having sex once inside; and that gays are forcing fundamentalists to “participate in sodomy.” That’s just the tip of the iceberg with this clearly sane man.