lindaharveyAs Jeremy points out, Linda Harvey, the most homophobic woman in America, has finally admitted that those on the losing, anti-gay side of the culture wars don’t actually care about “protecting marriage.” We on the right side of history have always known that “protect marriage” was a euphemism for “God hates fags,” but it’s nice to see one of them come clean. Let’s have a look at Linda’s latest World Net Daily piece:

Why are conservatives back-peddling on slam-dunk issues like freedom of religion? Because we are being challenged on a core question we refuse to directly address.

And here it is: What about homosexual behavior? Good, evil, or neutral?

The answer is that homosexuality is always wrong. Objective reasoning shows us that skin color is unchangeable and that racial discrimination is unjust. We can in the same way objectively reason that same-sex “marriage” is indefensible because homosexual conduct itself is disordered for human beings.

Didn’t Lawrence v Texas settle some of this? Not for those who still use truth as a benchmark.

We aren’t fighting to protect marriage because the term and tradition are important. Let’s be honest that the only reason for this dispute is because people want to engage in anatomically challenged behavior that is observably unnatural, medically risky, improper as an example for children, and changeable.

And it’s a behavior God calls sin. There is no other biblical description of homosexuality except always and only a big taboo.

Well there you have it. Everything Linda says about “anatomically challenged behavior” and homosexuality being “changeable” is disputed by science and reality, and Biblical scholars smarter than Linda have come to the conclusion that the ancient Hebrew and Greek texts that are used to condemn homosexuality aren’t as clear as the homophobes would like, but it is indeed nice that Linda is willing to, in her verbose way, say “God hates fags.”

Later in the piece, she admits that “religious freedom” laws really don’t have anything to do with religious freedom, but rather carving out special rights for bigots who simply don’t like the gays:

The constructed identity of being “gay” is harmful and should not be considered a worthy defense in light of reality. The evidence clearly points to the truth that everyone is intrinsically a heterosexual.

We need to have the guts to stand up and say so. Our defense should not be because we Christians just hope to somehow preserve narrow rights over here in our holy huddle.

This is great! I mean, we’re already winning full equality faster than any of us could have imagined, but if Linda is about to usher in a new era where bigots like herself stop lying about their true motives, they’re only going to help our side more. When fundamentalist wingnuts reveal their true motives, normal people are repulsed!

Later, she meanders into a diatribe about how racial inequality is a no-brainer, unlike homosexuality. I find this interesting because people are starting to connect the dots, realizing that the people who fought against racial equality are the same exact groups — far right Christians —  who are fighting against LGBT equality today. Perhaps they think that if they constantly and loudly state how much they love racial minorities, people will believe them.

It is not inequality to reject homosexuality, because no creature is made to engage in these relations, and if they find they want to, it’s their problem and it’s a disorder. We must all bear with each other as we humans struggle against iniquity, but it’s a grave sin in itself to call evil good and to enable a fellow human to walk rebelliously away from God. It is a sin worthy of drowning, Jesus told us, to teach sin to children as we are doing in many schools now by our endorsement of “LGBT” behaviors, as well as in the newly depraved Boy Scouts. God help us.

The objective fact of racial equality is easy to see. Once America was challenged to embrace this truth and reject an unbiblical course, it eventually became a no-brainer, and most churches have since repented for teaching something unscriptural from the outset.

Oh, Linda. In a couple of generations, the broad majority of evangelicals will say the same things about the bad old days when they fought against LGBT equality. It’s just how these things go. The fact that you can’t stand it doesn’t change the cold, hard truth.

But again, I encourage Linda to continue revealing that her movement is based on nothing but animus. As Jeremy concluded, “May the National Organization For Marriage make you its next president, the ADF put you on the stand as a key witness, and your entire animus-driven movement become so honest.” Indeed. And we’ll continue to quote the hateful statements of Linda and others verbatim, and in a few years, the era of LGBT inequality will be a relic of the past.