BuzzFeed reports today that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is cozying up to the Evil Empire of Vladimir Putin’s Russia to compensate for frayed ties with the West over Uganda’s barbaric new Anti-Homosexuality law. TRADE COMMONWEALTHRussia would make a natural ally, given that they have their own “homosexual propaganda” law that has unleashed neo-Nazi’s to hunt down LGBT people. One wonders, however, why Uganda would get into bed with a blatantly racist nation that often treats black people like Uganda treats homosexuals.

Museveni made his remarks on Friday, Feb. 21, responding to President Barack Obama’s statement that the bill would “complicate” the relationship between Uganda and the U.S.

“The Russians work with us, they don’t mix up their politics with our politics, they just do what we agree on,” Museveni said during a visit to the Ugandan Air Force’s headquarters in Entebbe to commission a Russian-built Sukhoi-30 military flight simulator. Apparently referring to Obama, Museveni continued, “If you see someone who goes into other people’s homes and starts giving instructions — do this, do that — you know there is something wrong with him…This is my home, you have got your home. you go back to your house.”

Actually, morality dictates entering a neighbor’s home if extreme abuse, neglect, or murder is occurring. In Ohio, we had no qualms about entering the home of Ariel Castro, the Cleveland monster sentenced to life in prison for holding three women captive in his home for a decade. We didn’t hesitate to enter the “home” of Nazi concentration camps to free the victims. We should also not hesitate to bust down the door in Uganda to save LGBT people from state sponsored terrorism. Any way you slice it, Museveni is a terrorist and we should never hesitate or be shy about expressing our outrage and adjusting US policy to reflect our values.

Museveni grossly violated international norms and trampled on the human rights of his own citizens. Given this failure to uphold global standards and Uganda’s grotesque role in fomenting pogroms against innocent LGBT people, it absolutely is the role of decent societies that believe in the rule of law to step in to protect the victims.  Museveni has proven that he is a predator who exploits LGBT people for political gain. The United States has every right to withhold funding until this ignorant and heinous campaign against LGBT people ceases.

Museveni has been pursuing military ties to Russia since at least 2011, when his government reportedly ordered six Sukhoi fighter jets for more than $700 million. The purchase caused an uproar in Uganda, because Museveni went over the heads of lawmakers to use Bank of Uganda funds to acquire the aircraft. The United States and Western Europe should continue vigorously opposing this new alignment of police states that unconscionably persecute their own people. The very existence of civilization depends on our staunch opposition to these potentates who use terror as a tool to cow their countrymen.