Extremely disturbing news is already coming out of Uganda just one day after the signing of the evil, brutal anti-homosexuality law in that nation:

At least one gay person has been killed in Uganda since the nation’s president signed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law Monday, imposing lifetime prison sentences for certain LGBT people and criminalizing anyone who supports LGBT equality or “promotes homosexuality.”

Ugandan LGBT activists report that a suspected gay couple was attacked after a local tabloid published the names of 200 LGBT people labeled by the tabloid as “Uganda’s Top Homos.” One of the people was killed in the attack, while other prominent LGBT activists have gone into hiding to avoid becoming victims themselves.

Tuesday’s issue of that Uganda tabloid, Red Pepper, featured a cover spread with the headline “Exposed! Uganda’s Top 200 Homos Named,” along with graphic descriptions of the prohibitions of oral sex that President Yoweri Museveni issued when signing the bill and allegations that a pastor “raptured” a young boy.

In 2010, a now-shuttered Ugandan magazine called Rolling Stone (no relation to the more well known American Rolling Stone) published a similar list. Soon after, Ugandan activist David Kato was murdered in his home. Before this law was signed, the anti-gay campaign aided and abetted by American fundamentalists like Scott Lively was only that — a campaign. Now that all gay and lesbian Ugandans are default criminals, expect the bloodbath to spread. We hope that the so-called Christians in Uganda and elsewhere who have been pushing these laws sleep well tonight. Ugandan LGBT people no longer have that luxury.