The infamous International Healing Foundation is hiring new part-time quacks — and this time they want a female therapist. IHF is the discredited organization founded by richard_cohens_racketRichard Cohen and led by the bizarre activist Christopher Doyle, who threw an Ex-Gay Pride last year that was packed with a dozen people.

IHF is best known for “fondle touch therapy,” where the client sits in the therapists lap. They are also known for tennis therapy, where the client is made to beat an effigy of their mother or father with a tennis racket. Just imagine how effective Martina Navratilova  or Billie Jean King would be in the that role? (If Richard Cohen calls, let it go to voice mail.)

Here is the job description

Female Psychotherapist (Part-time)The successful applicant will conduct face-to-face psychotherapy, counseling, and/or coaching with women who experience unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA) and/or are lesbian, bisexual, and/or transgender (LBT). The successful applicant will also work with families struggling with sexual orientation issues, co-facilitate group healing seminars and family healing sessions, and agree with the organization’s philosophy and core values.

Qualified applicants will have attained, at a minimum:

  • A master’s degree in professional counseling, marriage and family therapy, clinical social work, or psychology

  • Licensure in their state. Applicants who are still completing residency will also be considered

  • A knowledge and understanding of homosexuality and the therapeutic issues often experienced with SSA and LBT-identified women

  • At least one year of clinical experience working with women who are SSA and/or LBT-identified

  • Clinical experience and knowledge of family systems theory, experiential processing, psychodrama, and affect-based therapeutic modalities

It is interesting that they ask for “qualified job applicants.” By nature if one is doing this type of work they are unqualified. Applicants should note that efforts are underway in Virginia and Maryland to ban such therapy for minors, so the gig might be short lived.

These con artists are also trying to raise money and looking for a development director. I found it interesting that IHF believes it can get “federal, state, and local” grants. Are there government agencies outside of Russia that will invest in “pray away the gay” therapy?

Director of Donor Development (Part-time)The successful applicant will work with the Director to expand the organization’s existing donor base and increase the organization’s fundraising capacity. The successful applicant will possess innovative and creative ways to improve donor relations, and agree with the organization’s philosophy and core values.

Qualified applicants will have attained, at a minimum:

  • A bachelor’s degree in business (or related field) or equivalent experience

  • Five years experience in donor relations, donor development, and/or fundraising

  • Experience and knowledge in federal, state, and local grant writing

  • A working knowledge and/or understanding of the social policy and cultural landscape surrounding homosexuality and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community

  • Experience working in public policy and/or non-profit settings

  • Experience and understanding of the faith-based community

  • Excellent writing and oral communications skills

  • A track record and history of success in previous donor development positions

Even as the number of “ex-gay” clients shrinks, IHF is trying to expand.