olympicsNew Zealand’s Parliament has passed a resolution, the first of its kind, specifically slamming Russia’s anti-gay laws and calling for LGBT rights in that nation:

Parliament has unanimously passed a motion in support of gay rights in Russia ahead of the Winter Olympics.

Green MP Jan Logie moved that “the House wish our athletes competing in the Winter Olympics in Sochi well, and note Russia’s recent passing of anti homosexual legislation, and ask the New Zealand Government to urge other governments and the Winter Olympics Organising Committee to protect the rights of all people in Russia regardless of their sexual orientation”.

Russia’s anti-gay legislation has drawn severe criticism from international leaders, athletes and rights activists ahead of the Games, which begin on February 7.

Logie added:

“It makes me very proud that all parties in our Parliament backed this message of support, not only to our athletes heading to compete but also the gay and lesbian community in Russia who have been suffering hit after hit on their human rights,” she said.

“Our Government can play a role in promoting the rights of LGBTI people in Russia and send a message around the world that everyone deserves to live safe lives regardless of their sexual orientation.”

Regardless of what they do with the information, it’s vital that governments stand up to let Russia know that their actions on these issues are not acceptable for a nation that wishes to be viewed as a key player on the international stage. Well played, New Zealand.

[h/t Joe]