fischerYesterday, I wrote about wingnut Tim Graham’s obvious displeasure that Macklemore, Queen Latifah and Madonna personally flushed the Bible down the toilet on the television Sunday night, and earlier I posted a longer piece about what the right-wing freak out over Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s performance really says about them. At the risk of devoting too much time to an awards show, I figured I’d just round up some more of the wingnut reactions to the Grammy’s in one place, and then we can move on. We are of course indebted to Right Wing Watch for posting a great early round-up of some of the finest wingnut reactions, like this gem from Erik Rush, who has previously advocated for the killing of all Muslims. The Grammy Awards just make him want to vomit, vomit, vomit:

Change the channel, dude.

Fox’s Todd Starnes, who is currently involved in a bit of a firestorm, as somebody on his own side has noticed that he lies a lot, freaked out on Twitter:



And again, we say, change the channel, dude.

Here’s somebody who is so mad, name of Lynn Woolley, even though he wasn’t watching the Grammy’s, but instead chose to view The Mentalist that night, because it’s his favorite show, because “logic”:

As the network, CBS was complicit in this celebration of perversity. WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THIS COUNTY [SIC!]GOES FROM HERE? Homosexuals have taken over the country and I’m just curious to see what they do next. I guess they want a gay president. Maybe a gay Pope. (!)


I dunno. I didn’t see the gay stuff, but I got bored quickly by the crap that now passes as music and I decided to pop in a disk [sic] and watch an episode of THE MENTALIST. I love The Mentalist as it is all about logic. The Grammy Awards were all about perversion. So what can we do?

I just don’t know.

I suppose that a few years from now, same sex “marriage” will be as common as divorce is now. I’ll bet it fades out with time as more and more men realize that women are pretty dang special. I guess we’ll see.

Yes, decades of research on the science of sexuality can be summed up as a failure of men to notice that women “are pretty dang special.”His explanation doesn’t really take lesbians into account, who already believe that women “are pretty dang special.”

And of course, Bryan Fischer is just so mad about the whole thing, from the “raunchfest” at the beginning to the marriages during Macklemore’s performance. He says that same-sex parenting is “a form of child abuse.” No matter that science and reality are in direct contradiction to all his beliefs on the subject:

Now, let’s all cleanse our palates with Stephen Colbert’s reaction to the show:

“I cannot believe that on national television they held a mass gay wedding. Officially it was only 33 couples but who knows how many people were inadvertantly gay married last night? It’s just like a Gallagher concert. The first two rows are in the gay ‘splash zone’. I hope that Dave Grohl and Jay Z will be very happy together.”

That’s better.

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